Gone are the days of blasé, cookie cutter direct mail pieces. Personalization is a growing marketing movement in which brands are providing customers with much sought after tailored content and personal experiences. Let’s explore the possibilities with these personalization tactics that your company can use in its next direct mail campaign.

Activate a response

Personalization works effectively because it evokes an emotional response. Customers are willing to share their data when they feel a company understands them.  You can use this to your advantage. A business may cater to the needs of diverse customer base, but its direct mail strategy can hone into specific market segments by using targeted imagery and messaging. Would you send the same direct mail piece to both urban Millennials and suburban Boomers? Not likely. What drives a response in one, in fact, might repel the other.


Humans inherently love seeing their name in print and not just on the address label. How can you elicit a response from your customers using personalization? The possibilities are almost limitless, but you can always start by using their name in making a big, bold statement. Experiment with color and finishing techniques to add style and shine.

Don’t forget you can also use the information you have at hand to go beyond just the recipient’s name. Variable data printing allows you to tap into your CRM and get creative – location, birthday, shoe size, car make/model, you name it, can be committed to the page to grab attention and wow customers!

X marks the spot

Increase foot traffic by showing customer the way. Thanks to geolocation services the capability exists to provide a map with the customer’s home in proximity to your company’s nearest locations. This is a great way to announce a grand opening, branch expansions or rebranding.

From the printed page to the webpage

Make sure your personalized print and your digital marketing strategies are working in tandem. Online content can be tailored to your customer’s specific interests while building brand loyalty and collecting feedback for future retargeting. Print pieces can engage customers with personalized urls (PURLS) or easily scannable QR codes. Remember to carry call-to-action, offer messaging, and imagery throughout for easy recognizability.

There are many ways to personalize your direct mail campaigns. Not sure where to start? The team at Lawton can help you work with your existing customer list or start from scratch. Call us today to learn more!