DAA Monthly Calendar 2020

Consider functionality in your design


DAA’s yearly desk calendar was designed to be a valuable tool for not only their staff, but for their customers.  Day-to-day planning, special events and promotion of major sales dates were simplified using a handy, practical design.


Not everyone considers the high functionality of a desktop calendar like DAA did when designing this piece.  DAA wanted a calendar that not only promoted their companies, but also provided value to the user.

The desk calendar was originally conceived as something DAA would do for their customers in lieu of a Christmas card.  Many of us have calendars like this sitting on our desks, but the deliberate attention to making this one a usable piece made it a necessity on the desks of their employees and customers.

There are several design considerations that were put in place to produce this piece:

  • Two-sided view from one side of the desk as well as the other making collaboration and planning easier
  • Key events highlighted on the calendar Specialty Sales and event dates remind customers of DAA’s promotion dates
  • Generic version on the other side
  • Annual planning calendar for the current year as well as 2022
  • Coil bound easel provided easy viewing


Reconsider your design when working on an ordinary project.  While a desktop calendar might be considered a little commonplace, the DAA annual calendar is a great example of producing a useful promotional piece that will remind your customers of the value you provide them.  Every day of the year!

Now, both our customers and our employees start asking, ‘When are we getting our desk calendars?!?!’ if they have not received them by mid-December! They have become a much anticipated and relied-upon tool for us and our dealers.