Community Cancer Fund Book

Drive engagement with with donors

Community Cancer Fund raises millions for local partners


Community Cancer Fund devotes resources to cancer screening, prevention, research, treatment and care in the Inland Northwest. Through regional partnerships, they work collaboratively to identify and fund gaps in services and local programs that benefit cancer patients and their families.

Community Cancer Fund has raised millions of dollars for local programs that benefit cancer patients, their families, and the Inland Northwest organizations that serve them.   They are best known for excellent events, with donations raised from these events funding their community partners.


Drive donor engagement without in-person events

Due to Covid-19 restrictions in 2020, Community Cancer Fund was faced with challenges like no other.  Unable to host the events they depend on to fund their programs, Community Cancer Fund needed to keep their donors and participants connected to their organization, while reminding people that cancer didn’t stop in the midst of the pandemic.


Community Cancer Fund took a bold approach to engage with their donor community.  They designed a completely out of the ordinary, large format booklet that recaps the mission of CCF and enabled their donors to reminisce on events from years past.

The sandshell texture of the cover provided a unique tactile feel to each booklet.  The piece was personalized to address each family individually.  Content focused on photography of people enjoying previous years’ events and highlighted those helped by CCF’s efforts.

The hidden coil binding providing an elevated look to the booklet, extending the shelf life of the piece.  It could easily pass for a “coffee table book”, reminding recipients of CCF’s mission and community partners’ ongoing need for help.


The book proved to be successful in its objective of re-engaging donors.  Thinking outside the box in the Covid environment paid off for CCF by keeping their organization top-of-mind for their community.

“The oversized layout elevates this book’s value. We designed it to give it the feel of a coffee table book and to remind people of all the great times they’ve experienced at our events.”