In this blog series, we will explore components needed to craft a bold marketing strategy.

Marketing content is the relevant, valuable “meat” of your campaign. What is the offer, how does it solve your target audience’s problem and why should they buy from you?

The Value Proposition

Your business’s value proposition is the most important messaging element of your overall marketing campaign. It answers the “why” someone will buy from you and what problem you solve for them.

A common mistake in developing the value proposition is to talk about all your cool features and capabilities without communicating why someone would choose you over a competitor. While your value proposition defines the problem you solve, it isn’t necessarily your tagline. Your slogan, copy, creative and mission statement are all the elements that build the story of the value proposition, differentiating you from your competitors.

A value proposition should define what you do, be easy to understand, and explain how your product or service resolves a problem. Using social proof like expert stamps of approval, user testimonials and business credentials to validate your proposition lends added legitimacy.

WordPress does a great job of stating a clear value proposition and backing it up with social proof. You immediately see what they do, why you’d use their service and social proof because of the sheer numbers of WordPress users.

Messaging and Calls to Action

What if the content of your campaign wasn’t just generic copy that appealed to your target audience but was personalized to appeal to an individual? Personalization? WOW!

At this point in developing your bold marketing strategy, not only do you have a solid picture of your target audience, what “persona” they fit, but how can you personalize the message and Call to Action. Chances are you have amazing data about your customers. Are you using this data when you present your message? Consider the difference in the effectiveness of these two messages:

Target Audience – Traeger™ grill owners in the three zip codes surrounding your store

Message – “Just in time for your summer barbeque, Traeger™ pellets are on sale now.”


Target Audience – Brandon Barbecue, an occasional customer who bought his Traeger™ grill from your store and buys Signature pellets every 2 months.

Message Hi Brandon, Just in time for barbeque season, Traeger™ pellets are on sale.

We know how much you love the “Traeger Signature™” pellets so we’re offering you an additional 10% off the sale price when you buy two bags.

Want to try something new? Visit for our best brisket recipe using the hickory pellets and a 20% off coupon good for anything in our store.

(By the way, we thought smoked barbecue brisket sounded amazing too. We won’t leave you high and dry! Click here for Traeger™’s brisket recipe.)

Without a solid message, your marketing content is just noise. With the right marketing content, you can clearly remind your customers why they do business with you and let your prospects know you understand them and can solve their problem.

Lawton has the expertise (sprinkled with some awesome creative energy) to take your marketing to the next level. Whether you need help cleaning up your customer data or you want to brainstorm ideas on how to personalize your call-to-action, we’re your resource to help.

You’re here to be awesome! We’re here to help. Let’s be bold!