In this blog series, we will explore components needed to craft a bold marketing strategy.

Once you’ve done your research, identified your target audiences’ problem, set measurable goals, established the budget and developed the content of your messaging, you now can decide where you will communicate that message. Every media has a different role to play in an integrated marketing plan. When they work together, it’s like a harmonious symphony, rather than a drum solo playing in one place, with a riff on the bass playing a different tune somewhere else.

Direct mail is one of the most trusted marketing resources. In a test that compared the impact of similar direct mail and digital media campaigns, “participants recall was 70% higher if they were exposed to a direct mail piece (75%) than a digital ad (44%).” That’s not to say that digital media doesn’t have its part to play. (Remember that symphony?)

Digital media offers your customers the opportunity to engage with you in a way that combines many types of content, including photos, video clips, and audio. It is easy to incorporate all these content types into digital marketing, allowing you to expand on your value proposition with “how to” information or additional content that is too lengthy for a traditional campaign. Engaging those that interact with your digital channels, builds a community around your brand that is difficult to achieve through traditional methods.

Relevant, engaging content marketing puts your website at the forefront of Google, so if your customers go online to do some research before buying, there you are. Beyond SEO, content marketing enables you to publish relevant information establishing your brand as a thought leader in your business category. Consumers appreciate good information much more than spam and irrelevant messages, so focus on developing content that matters to them.

Using a mix of several media achieves a better result (remember, you’ve set measurable goals) and allows you to continue an on-going conversation with your customers.

Lawton has the expertise (sprinkled with some awesome creative energy) to take your marketing to the next level. If you need input on setting up an integrated marketing strategy, we’re your resource to help.

You’re here to be awesome! We’re here to help. Let’s be bold!