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Mesmerizing Possibilities with Mosaic

Mosaic, an HP SmartStream Designer technology tool, elevates variable print personalization to a whole new level. The software creates endless, one-of-a-kind designs from a single art file. Mosaic works by parsing and manipulating vector art. It generates an infinite number of variations by randomly transforming the file using color, scaling, rotation. The more complex, detailed and colorful the original [...]

September 20th, 2022|Design, Design Trend, Magic Series, Personalization, Technology|

Elevate your marketing with dazzling creative

When you see marketing that’s provocative, hilarious, or simply effortless, it hits a little different. Strong marketing strategy merged with innovate, original creative boosts the performance of your campaigns. You can elevate your marketing with dazzling creative, and we can help! Creative includes graphic design, copy, tone, and the overall brand experience you present to your target audience. Whether or [...]

July 28th, 2022|Aesthetic, Communication, Design, Magic Series, Personalization, Rebrand|

Campaign Materials that Work

If you're running for office, you need political campaign print materials that work.  Your campaign material is vital to educate voters about who you are, what issues you support and how you will represent your constituents. Marketers know that it takes at least seven different touches of a message to generate a lead. The same concept applies to promoting [...]

June 23rd, 2022|Direct Mail, Mail, Marketing, Print|

Stop Wishing and Start Planning

Whatever your marketing wishes are, a plan transforms them to reality. Marketers who plan and document their marketing strategy are 414% more likely to report success than those who don’t. Whether you are a new business or well-established, going through the exercise of writing up your marketing plan will ensure all stakeholders are working from the same [...]

Customer Data – the hidden treasure to magically personalize your marketing

Whether it’s a simple spreadsheet or a CRM system, a well-managed client database is a treasure hidden in plain sight. Your database can store and track interactions with your customers, improve your customer support, and powerfully automate and personalize your marketing. Your customer data is powerful, magical and is the key to connecting with your customers. With [...]

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