When you see marketing that’s provocative, hilarious, or simply effortless, it hits a little different. Strong marketing strategy merged with innovate, original creative boosts the performance of your campaigns. You can elevate your marketing with dazzling creative, and we can help!

Creative includes graphic design, copy, tone, and the overall brand experience you present to your target audience. Whether or not you know it, you are presenting a brand experience. (Exciting if you’ve been deliberate about that, scary if you haven’t!)  Dazzling creative provides your clients with an experience they won’t forget.

Creative is not just the catchy slogan or well-designed logo, it’s every way you communicate with your target audience. So why dazzle when you present your brand? Why not simply communicate in a straightforward basic way? Imaginative marketing provides ROI and revenue for your organization. Exceptional creative will capture your target customers’ attention, create an emotional response and inspire your audience to act.

Creativity will help you stand out from the competition

Everyone is saying basically the same thing in the same way. If your approach is unique, interesting and relevant, your customers will respond.

Think about it – everyone has “great service” and “high quality.”  Considering the average American is exposed to between 4,000-10,000 advertising messages every day, simply saying “we have great service and high quality” will get you nowhere.  Why not say something more imaginatively to rise above the noise?

Oftentimes the trick is to dig a little deeper to show how your company is better than the competition. If your service is better because your team does whatever it takes to make a customer happy, then show it! We love these Trader Joe’s employees who take customer service above and beyond by breaking out in their best dance moves to stop a toddler melt-down.  Looks like an ingenious marketing opportunity!

Additionally, personalizing your campaign is an immediate win. Personalized marketing can deliver five to eight times more ROI on your marketing spend. The compelling use of personalized information in a way that makes sense has the potential to completely change your customers’ experience.

Elevated creative captures attention and appeals to emotions

The best marketing communication appeals to customers’ emotions. Whether it’s sadness, happiness, fear or anger, emotion elicits a response, and according to Psychology Today, emotions greatly influence purchase decisions.

There are four basic emotions that marketing research has identified as those that influence connection and engagement.

  • Sadness stimulates empathy. Empathy leads to donations. Most non-profit organizations are familiar with this creative strategy.
  • Happiness encourages sharing the good news. Sharing creates brand awareness. When your marketing evokes a feeling of happiness, people can’t help but pass it along.
  • Classic fear-provoking marketing plays on the fear of missing out, or the fear of not being ready. Calls to action like “before it’s too late” or “are your prepared” imply fear the customer already has, and they are urged to act now.
  • Anger makes us stubborn. When you’re angry, there is a commitment to the feeling. The positive side of stubbornness is loyalty. A classic example of using anger as an emotional appeal is the #likeagirl campaign that Always used in 2014. Flipping the insult “like a girl” to an empowering message has become a movement.

Outstanding creative is unforgettable making it more cost effective.

A memorable message, delivered in a clever way allows you to spend less money. According to the Harvard Business Review, a euro invested in a highly creative ad campaign had nearly double the sales impact of a euro spent on a noncreative campaign.  (We assume this applies to dollars as well!)

Organic sharing is higher with fresh, innovative, original marketing. Think about what a friend has shared with you recently. Was it funnier, more outrageous, or more provocative than most of the other messages you’ve seen lately?

Check out this KitKat direct mail piece that spiked Nestle’s sales right after the campaign dropped.  The use of personalization is spot on and the tongue in cheek humor brilliantly promoted a new chunkier KitKat bar.

Dazzling creative drives innovation, not just in marketing, but in the entire organization

Creativity can solve almost any problem. Embracing out-of-the-box thinking drives innovation, not only in marketing, but throughout the organization. Stephen Hall’s TedTalk “The Secret Sauce of Creativity” outlines these five principles when tackling a problem (any problem) creatively.

  • Define the constraints of the problem
  • Provoke ideas and make them habit
  • Give absurd ideas respect
  • Be optimistically objective
  • Celebrate great ideas regardless of who had them.

When your company culture embraces creativity, there’s not stopping the possibilities.

Need help developing dazzling creative? Let’s make magic together! Don’t miss out and connect with us today.