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Laura Lawton
Laura LawtonPresident
Growing up in this business, a lot has changed since I first started. As a fourth-generation family company, embracing change has been, and is essential to our success. I am passionate about adopting new technologies to provide better client solutions, for their success and for ours.
Karla Darcy
Karla DarcyHR + Office Admin
I wear many hats here at Lawton. While assisting the President is my top priority, I also enjoy my roles in HR and Office Administration. You’ll often find me organizing—that’s my happy place!
Tammy Head
Tammy HeadCustomer Service Director
I’ve been with Lawton Printing since 1981 and over the years, have seen printing evolve and change. My experience helps me to bring solutions to my customers’ challenges. I work with a great team and together we enjoy helping our customers.
Jeff Darcy
Jeff DarcyProduction Specialist
I manage the production team and am the go-to guy for all things we produce at our shop. I help keep the team organized to get our clients work done right while maintaining our integrity. I take pride in the work we produce for our clients and it shows!
John Monek
John MonekIT Director
I oversee Lawton’s technology infrastructure, and I also write code, create custom web pages, and provide technical help for a variety of clients. I am a problem solver and can help with just about anything.
Caty Colberg
Caty ColbergMarketing Director
Beyond developing and executing excellent marketing for Lawton, I work with our clients to create exceptional communications plans that include print, data-driven personalization and digital marketing campaigns that connect with their customers.
Jackie Mahoney
Jackie MahoneyCreative Director
I’ve been working in the design industry for almost 20 years and at Lawton for the last 12. I’ve always been a creative person and I definitely won the job lottery working here. I get to do what I love, every day.

As Creative Director I get to work on a variety of projects for our clients and for Lawton. I can fix and optimize files for our press and I can create a new project from scratch all in the same day. Whatever design needs you have, I’d love to help!

Lori Mathis
Lori MathisEstimator
I’m a great problem solver and help provide high-quality solutions for our clients. I’ve had many different roles over the years, so I can help you find the best path to make your vision become reality. Ask me about promotional products and I’ll show you our wide selection of swag to make your brand look awesome!
Danielle Lamsma
Danielle LamsmaAccounting
I’ve had various roles during my time with Lawton and I enjoy being part of the team. I help to plan, budget, and monitor the performance of our staff and the jobs we produce.

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