Mosaic, an HP SmartStream Designer technology tool, elevates variable print personalization to a whole new level. The software creates endless, one-of-a-kind designs from a single art file.

Mosaic works by parsing and manipulating vector art. It generates an infinite number of variations by randomly transforming the file using color, scaling, rotation. The more complex, detailed and colorful the original design, the better results you will see. When the Lawton design team applies Mosaic to your file, the result is a unique, engaging experience for each of your recipients.

Mosaic in the market

Diet Coke’s “Extraordinary” campaign in Israel is the poster child of this technology in the market.

Bud Light was the first US brand to use the technology for mass customization at the Mad Decent Block Party music festival events.  200,000 unique festival cans were created, giving everyone their own special package, resulting in an impactful and relevant user experience with the Bud Light brand. Beyond blowing up social media and creating a 97% positive user sentiment, the experience was authentic, memorable and exciting.

Packaging isn’t the only application of Mosaic generated artwork.  TEDxPetalingStreet gave audience members event booklets and bottled waters that were similar, but each person received their own unique item.

Lawton recently produced a promotional packet using one piece of art.  From that image, Mosaic produced 350 unique folders, 1,400 unique postcards, and 16,800 unique notepad pages.

Big brands have been using Mosaic for a decade, but it’s not limited to corporate marketing budgets and projects. This dynamic technology can be applied to mailers, programs, folders, flyers, signage and more. The only limit is your imagination.

  • 500 unique holiday cards for customers? No problem.
  • 1,000 one-of-a-kind direct mail pieces? We’ve got this.
  • 100 menus for your restaurant or brewery? Everyone gets their own design, while all are clearly branded.
  • 250 business cards that are as distinct as every meeting? Make the experience memorable.
  • 1,000 student planners? As original as each student.
  • 50 new employee training packets? As individual as the talent you hire.

Personalization is expected. Let us create a truly original, one-of-a-kind experience for your customers. The magic starts at Lawton!  Let’s connect today.