Great graphic design creates curiosity and captures the attention of prospective customers? Design is a powerful tool to help businesses communicate their message effectively and evoke emotions in their target audience. When you’re putting together your next campaign, push the envelope with a few of these design techniques.

Be mindful of visual appeal. This may seem obvious, but high-quality, visually appealing design catches the eye and makes people want to explore further. Vibrant colors, relevant imagery and clean layouts entice people to learn more about what is being offered.

Tell a story. Design can tell a story and convey a brand’s message in a compelling way. When you hear a well-told story, your brain reacts as if you are experiencing it yourself. Our levels of oxytocin increase, boosting feelings of trust, compassion and empathy. Humans are wired to connect with stories, so telling one with your design helps connect your brand to your customers.

Make it unique. When your design is different than everything else out there, people will notice. Unique, innovative design elements stand out from the crowd and intrigue customers. Make your design visually represent the answer to these questions. Who is your product for? What problem does it solve? What category best describes your product? Who are your competitors and how is your product different or unique?

Create a little mystery. What about design that never shows a full on shot of the product, only a silhouette? Or a campaign with the hero trying to solve a “whodunit”. Symbolism can create a sense of mystery and intrigue leaving customers with that need to decipher their hidden meaning.

Try using a metaphor. Sometimes literal is a little boring (or off limits) so get creative and think about another way to show your product benefits.

Personalize it! Tailoring design to the preferences and interests of the target audience make them feel personally connected to your brand. The sense of connection increases the curiosity about the brand and its offerings. Customers expect personalization, so if you’re not doing it, you’re missing out. Even a first name increases response rates, and that’s become a bare minimum as clients now expect the companies they do business with to really know and understand them individually. Why not customize the artwork for each customer? Or insert text that appeals directly to an individual’s preferences. It may seem daunting, but Lawton is here to help.

Effective graphic design goes beyond aesthetics, it taps into human psychology and emotions. Stimulating curiosity and engagement can create a lasting impression and increase the likelihood of turning curious prospects into loyal customers.

Lawton is here to align your design with your marketing strategy and create curiosity with your audience. Connect with us!