We’re now in the fourth generation of the Lawton family’s leadership! It’s safe to say that not only is printing in our blood; perseverance and adaptability are as well. It takes bold people and creative thinking to stay and thrive in business as Lawton has. Leverage our stability and ingenuity to help your business attain meaningful growth.


Lawton Printing Service’s founders, Frank A. Lawton and his father Frank H. Lawton, hatched a successful family business in 1940. Their humble beginning started as a two-man shop in a remodeled chicken coop behind the family’s home. Their hard work, honest business practices, and commitment to providing their customers with imaginative solutions blossomed into a thriving company that has withstood the test of time.

During its earliest years, the company was mainly engaged in the production of printed materials. Meeting the company’s goal to become a full-service printer for each of their customers allowed them to grow Lawton Printing Services to the ever-evolving business it is today.  As the company grew, Lawton Printing was recognized as innovative and bold in accomplishing tasks for its customers.  Frank A. Lawton even designed and developed specialized equipment to produce file folders for a large client because the equipment to automate the production of these folders was not readily available. This ingenuity created the beginning of FILE-EZ Folder, a successful business for the Lawtons.

This entrepreneurial, can-do attitude continues to permeate the company culture at Lawton Printing Services. We pride ourselves on doing what it takes to get the job done for our clients.


Meet our Sister Companies

Along with Lawton you can find our Sister Companies at our main facility, on Mission Avenue in East Spokane, where we have been located since 1984.

FILE-EZ Folder is an organization that prides itself on supporting American companies any way it can and appreciates those companies that support us. FILE-EZ products are now available on Amazon.

For over 30 years, naviTABS has provided over 25,000 retailers and individuals all over the United States with index tabs to make organization easier. We manufacture a wide variety of index tabs with one goal in mind: Our customer’s needs. Whether you need to get organized with our number tabs, Bible tabs, or Rite-On tabs, naviTABS has you covered!

innovAGING‘s mission is to connect senior resources and services to the people and agencies that need these resources, allowing the older population to combat aging issues and maintain a high quality of senior living.