It can’t be said enough. Direct mail works…. magically!

How do we know? Check out these numbers:

59% of US respondents say they “enjoy getting post mail from brands about new products.”

76% of people say they trust printed advertising received in the mail versus only 43% for social media advertising.

70% of Americans say mail is more personal than the internet.

40% of consumers try new businesses after receiving direct mail.

Direct mail response rates are 5-9 times higher than any other media.

From the look of the numbers above, direct mail is magic. But there’s no sleight of hand, no illusions, no smoke, no mirrors. Just a solid strategy, a team of experts, and results you can count on.

While a good magician never reveals their secrets, a combination of a few key “ingredients” will achieve the magic formula for direct mail.


The best campaign in the world can’t claim that title without data. To unlock your direct mail’s full potential, you need a solid mailing list. Our data management services include list management and scrubbing, data aggregation and enhancement, and advice on managing security and accessibility of your data. If it sounds complicated and mysterious, it’s not. It’s more about disciplined management of a solid mailing list combined with continually updating and honing your data.

Response Rate

Imagine you have a well-designed piece going to a clean, targeted mailing list. How will you know that it’s been successful? Try tracking your response rate digitally. Use personalized access codes, QR codes, personalized web addresses, or phone numbers that identify calls that come from your campaign. Every mailer is an opportunity to perfect your offer, your call to action, and your mailing list.

Conversion Rate

Conversion is key. Achieve this and you’ll know the true ROI of your direct mail program. This number represents how many people “do something” after responding to your direct mail. To master this technique, you should be clear on the goal of the program. What is the “do something” that you want? Whether it’s the number of purchases, leads, phone calls, sign ups, or visits to your website, set the goal for exactly what you want your direct mail to accomplish.

Cost Monitoring

If your campaign has met its goals, it’s money well spent. By taking the time to clearly define your goals, develop strong creative, target your audience, and measure the outcome, the “cost” of direct mail becomes an investment in growing your business.

Trusted Partner

While it’s not magic, there are tricks of the trade that your marketing partner will bring to the table. Hire an expert that will work with you to reach your goals by targeting your audience with high-quality, persuasive material mailed directly to your customer’s door. Lawton is your strategic partner for direct mail printing and marketing solutions. Let us make magic on your next project.