While taming that beast may seem like a formidable task, it’s well worth the investment.

You will improve your relationships with your clients and grow your business. Your database can store and track interactions with your customers, improve your customer support, and powerfully personalize your marketing.

Our team will partner with you to collect, organize, supplement, protect, and securely store your customer data, taming the monster that is holding you back.

What about ROI?

Without a solid customer database, your data is likely unorganized and siloed, making it impossible to understand your customers and personalize your marketing.

• 6X Response Rates
Study after study show that personalized direct mail’s response rate outperforms generic marketing by up to 600%. What would six times the response look like for your company?

• Understand Your Customers
Collecting customer data is just the start. With each touchpoint in your organization, you learn more about your customer. Once you understand who your best customers are, Lawton will help you find more. Supplementing your customer database with leads that “look like” your best customers is an immediate opportunity to grow your business.

• Better Sales & Marketing Decisions
Using real-world customer data, your organization will make better decisions about targeting your audience. Sales and marketing teams can find customer profiles with consistent, accurate data in one location. This reduces wasted time chasing down leads that are going nowhere, duplication of effort, and focuses your sales and marketing teams on viable new business.

My Print Marketing Partner Can Solve My Data Problem?

Absolutely! Marketing has evolved and Lawton has evolved with it. Our team will collaborate with you to transform your data into a hero rather than a monster. Whether you’re currently using an Excel spreadsheet or a full CRM solution, Lawton will help you:

  • Clean, validate, dedupe existing databases
  • Identify key data points to gather and track
  • Supplement existing customer data with additional targeted leads
  • Assist with data governance: how you standardize, validate, and securely store data
  • Train your team
  • Improve your customer journey

A well-managed client database will fuel your business like nothing else. Lawton has a team of experts who will help. Connect with us today.