Lawton, a leading provider of creative print solutions, is thrilled to announce the installation of the state-of-the-art HP 15K Digital Press.  Laura Lawton, President of Lawton, said, “This upgrade to our technology provides a significant milestone in our commitment to delivering top-quality, high-speed, and versatile printing solutions for our clients.”

The HP 15K Digital Press boasts an impressive printing speed, enabling Lawton to meet demanding deadlines and handle both short runs as well as high-volume print projects. High-resolution capabilities and precise color accuracy guarantee vibrant, eye-catching marketing materials that are on brand and leave a lasting impression.

Personalization has been a strategic element of the Lawton lineup for several years, and the HP 15K is one of the most advanced digital printing tools on the market.  Additionally, the HP 15K accommodates a wide range of paper types and sizes, expanding Lawton’s capabilities to include custom-printed packaging.

Lawton remains dedicated to staying at the forefront of technological advancement in the printing industry. “This investment reinforces our mission and our commitment to driving innovation, delivering superior print quality, and enabling our clients’ businesses to thrive,” said Laura Lawton.

For more information about Lawton’s new HP 15K Digital Press and the comprehensive print and marketing solutions Lawton offers, please contact our team at 509-534-1044.